Your patients want to talk with a human.

Health issues are personal

iVY makes it possible to easily offer your patients a caring human on the other end of the phone – anytime they call your office, 24/7 – with the ability to schedule directly into your EHR.
iVY associates can remotely work in tandem with your team or take over your patient call center whenever you need them – full time, after hours or even just on demand.

iVY services depend on having iVY software integrated and customized within the healthcare practice.

Take Your Patient Scheduling to a New Level

Use just the iVY software or the combination of iVY software + iVY services – either way, iVY is a win-win for your practice and your patients!

iVY software solves the complexity of patient scheduling

  • iVY software solves the complexity of patient scheduling

    iVY’s cloud-based phone system creates a single phone system that’s accessible remotely from ANY location (yep, even from home!)

  • Memorizing all those physician preferences is so old-fashioned…

    iVY’s guided workflow is 100% customizable to honor each physician’s unique protocols

iVY services provide great people to help schedule your patients 24/7/365, directly into your EHR!

  • Staffing flux wreaking havoc? Relax – we’ve got you covered!

    Our highly trained associates are ready at a moment’s notice to remotely jump in, answer your phones and schedule your patients 24/7/365

  • It’s not you, it’s me… (but your patients will think it’s you!)

    From the greeting to the hold music, we mirror your caller experience exactly – patients won’t be able to detect if they are talking to our associates or yours!

iVY Software:
The Foundation of
a Successful Patient Call Center

All of our iVY service offerings begin with building and implementing a customized version of the iVY software suite for your practice.
The suite includes three interdependent solutions, each one simplifies a critical aspect of the patient call center: phones, workflow and metrics.

iVY software makes it possible to add any of our iVY services – which scenario is best for your practice?

iVY Services
iVY is a division of Path Forward, a leading healthcare IT company based in Cincinnati, OH.
With iVY, you get the benefit of the company’s nearly 20 years experience in the healthcare IT space.
Our teams have worked with nearly every EHR on the market since 2002, so they know how to quickly get your customized iVY workflow integrated into your environment.
Our experience working with all sizes of practices, in many different specialties, in all parts of the country, provides us a unique vantage point and level of insight. We apply this expertise to help you uncover new efficiencies, avoid common issues and create a better patient scheduling experience.

Let’s Talk

We’d love to talk about how iVY software and services can help you create a better patient experience. Please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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